Mor Yield. Mor Profit.


We have noticed a significant yield increase in MorSoy Xtra. Without a doubt, we will plant MorSoy Xtra next year. 

– Wayne Green on MorSoy Xtra 48X00

Yield and ease of harvest make MorSoy Xtra a must-plant for my farm.

– Paul Schwarz on MorSoy 46X29

I planted Morsoy 4824s and they cut 76 bu. They are consistently the highest-yielding bean on our farm.

– Brian Fyfe from Heaton Farms on MorSoy RT/S 4824

I plant Morsoy 4824 not only because of its high yielding potential, it performs in all soil types. It has been the race horse for my father and I on our farm for a long time. By far the most versatile bean on the market.

– Kelly Davidson on MorSoy RT/S 4824